AZ/DZ Fans Say

“AZ/DZ is my favorite Tribute Band. They are the next best thing to the real “AC/DC”. And their Chick Bass player is HOT!!!!”
John J.

“AZ/DZ is amazing. They look and sound just like AC/DC. I look forward to seeing them again.”
Barbara M.

“AZ/DZ’s performance is over the top, I was blown away by real live Bagpipe player. Unbelievable Show!”
Allen R.

Dennis L.

“We drove 3 hours to see AZ/DZ at The Thunder Valley Rally and I would do it again in a heartbeat. AZ/DZ ROCKS!”
Ronnie C.

“It’s mind-blowing how much AZ/DZ’s singer looks like Brian Johnson, and he sounds just like him too.”
Greg W.

“Walking into the venue, I swear I thought it was the real AC/DC playing. Seriously.”
Donna H.


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