Name: Bobby Angus Beltran

What instrument(s) do you play?
Lead Guitar: Angus Young
What Equipment make/models do you currently use?
Marshall JCM 900
Marshall 4×12 cab
Line 6 Spider 4 150watt head
Line 6 Spider Valve MkII Tube Head
Line 6 4×12 cab
Spider 2 combo amp
Digitech Gnx4 digital processor
Black SG Gibson Angus model lighting bolt inlays
Red SG Gibson
Red SG Epiphone Guitar
Red Schecter Guitar
Flat Black Diamond Schecter Guitar
Yamaha steel string acoustic
Ibanez Steel String Acoustic Guitar
Red Schecter Bass Guitar
White 1989 Ibanez
Ibanez Classical Guitar
How long have you been performing in bands
30 years
What other bands have you been in?
El Paso TX Hometown bands
In Phoenix:
What was you most memorable show?
My first show, back yard party, 1st encounter with groupies.
Was asked to play guitar for Godsmack Tribute band
Had 1 week to practice, performed at Marquee! 1st and last show!
Who are you favorite band (s)?
Of course AC/DC, Van Halen
What are some of your other hobbies/interests?
Since I started playing music, I have always been in a band I’m really happy with that accomplishment. I like to exercise, walk.
What made you want to play in an AC/DC Tribute band?
My good friend Lisa Bass for AZDZ asked me to audition.
I really never got to play other songs from AC/DC because nobody could sing AC/DC. Also, was going to join a gym instead Angus Young best rock workout.
Started my professional music career playing air guitar to Angus Young in 1977
How many AC/DC Concerts have you attended and/or your favorite AC/DC Concert?
El Paso TX had some great AC/DC concerts.
Your favorite AC/DC Moment or Story?
When I bought the Back in Black album, I would plug my record player into my amp and air guitar Back in Black full blast. Parents use to get home from work, pounding on the door to turn the music down.
Learning the Highway to Hell Album (lots of great songs) when I started out on Guitar.
Watching AC/DC live Bon Scott at the Midnight movies
Buying the Black in Black, For those about to rock albums with my Paper route money!
Anything else you want to say?
My goal as Angus is to try to play him with the best of my abilities.
He is a great rock blues player. I can never be him but I’m going to sweat my ass off trying! Have you seen the man on stage!